Welcome to the Northgate Indian Restaurant, Hunstanton, Norfolk  

The Northgate Indian Restaurant

Authentic food with a warm and friendly atmosphere
A taste of Eastern cuisine in a seaside location
Enjoy the sunset, relax in comfort in the restaurant
A recipe for all and a menu based on experience
Hunstanton's jewel in the crown

Sunsets, fun and authentic cuisine in Hunstanton
Wine and dine in a high-class restaurant

A place to relax and wind down with traditional,
exotic cuisine, delicate cuisine or spicy delights

Northgate Indian is the place for you
Tandoori Chicken or a Vindaloo

A menu rich, full of flavour
Visit tonight the delights to savour

Hunstanton is the place to be,
Sun, sand and plenty of sea

Visit the seaside and have a ball
The restaurant caters for one and all

Click here to download our menu in PDF format

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